The Mill's global connections
Remote Grading Map
Remote Connection

At The Mill we can share and connect projects between our studios and our global partners. We are able to collaborate on large campaigns across multiple studios or simply connect an artist in one location to any Mill suite, project room or remote partner worldwide. We provide complete remote connection on any project throughout 2D, Colour, Design and Editorial. 

The Mill remote network is set up with monitors that are identically calibrated, run via a dedicated Internet feed, and seamlessly stream HD perfect pictures from grading suites and project rooms.

Our remote network spans across all our studios providing state-of-the-art remote technology:

London, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and also across Europe in France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Dusseldolf, Hamburg), and Norway (Oslo), and across the US in Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Minneapolis, Portland and Virginia.

Remote Mill Colour 

Our award-winning team of colourists is regarded amongst the best in the business and our remote network connects you to all of them. Our remote grading capability enables you to set the look
 of your grade in one studio and finish it in another, it’s like the colourist is in the same room with you.

This means agencies, Directors and D.O.P’s
 can work in real-time, remote grading anywhere in the world allowing our clients the choice and flexibility to handpick the artist and colourist they want.


Canada (Montreal) Canada (Montreal)
Canada (Toronto) Canada (Toronto)
Canada (Vancouver) Canada (Vancouver)
Denmark (Copenhagen) Denmark (Copenhagen)
France (Paris) France (Paris)
Germany (Berlin, Dusseldolf, Hamburg) Germany (Berlin, Dusseldolf, Hamburg)
Ireland (Dublin) Ireland (Dublin)
Norway (Oslo) Norway (Oslo)
Spain (Barcelona) Spain (Barcelona)
UAE (Dubai) UAE (Dubai)
USA (Atlanta) USA (Atlanta)
USA (Boston) USA (Boston)
USA (Detroit) USA (Detroit)
USA (Kansas City) USA (Kansas City)
USA (Miami) USA (Miami)
USA (Minneapolis) USA (Minneapolis)
USA (Portland) USA (Portland)
USA (San Francisco) USA (San Francisco)
USA (Richmond) USA (Richmond)