Opel Motorsport

Racing Faces
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Credits Credits
Agency: Scholz & Friends Hamburg
Creative Director: Willy Kaussen
Text: Johan von Suchodoletz
Art:  Julian Preuss
Producer: Anne Hoffmann, Sonia Pflesser
CGI: Tobias Nientiedt
Account Manager: Lisa Mötzing
Managing Partner: Percy Smend
Music:  Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart
Music supervision: Sizzer Amsterdam
Sound design: String and Tins, London
Sound effects: Hastings, Hamburg
Production Company
Production Company:  Mill+
Director: Jimmy Kiddell
Executive Producer: Oliver Allgrove
Producer: Rebecca Perry, Justin Stiebel

Editing Company: The Mill
Editor: Hugo Vaughan Hughes, David Toba
VFX & Design
VFX & Design: The Mill
Executive Producer: Oliver Allgrove
Producer: Rebecca Perry, Justin Stiebel
Head of Animation: Jorge Montiel
Creative Director: Jimmy Kiddell
2D Lead Artist: Pete Hodsman
3D Lead Artist: Dan Moller
Concept Design: Aurelien Ronceray, Jimmy Kiddell
2D Artists: Jorg Schulz-Gerchow, Gianluca Di Marco
R&D: Craig Davies
Tracking: Ant Northman
Animation: Sauce Vilas, Alberto Lara, Ashley Reemul, Jasmine Ghoreishi
FX artists: Arnau Gilabert, Gareth Bell, Adrian Meyer
Modelling: Ashley Tilley, Clement Granjon, Will Burdett, Marta Carbonell, Giacomo Cavalletti, Pavel Mamichev, Mario Doni
Rigging: Thomas Bourret, Andreas Graichen, Aton Lerin, Peter Agg, Benoit Gielly
Lighting, Grooming and Rendering: Jacob Gonzales,Margaux Huneau, Roberto Costas Fernandez, Amaan Akram
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Seamus O’Kane, David Ludlam